Self-Care Box Art/Decorating Ideas

June 7, 2021

would you like to add even more value to your self-care box?!

Please join me in this video tutorial all about adding more value to your self-care box through art! I’ll show you how you can transform your self-care box into a values-based mood board in order to help boost your self-care practices even more!

Side note: If you haven’t yet built your self-care box, I’d recommend starting with this post all about self-care boxes here. This post has everything you need to learn about self-care boxes (both crisis/emergency kits + general/maintenance self-care boxes). You’ll also find a free downloadable ultimate self-care box guide, which includes a safety planning guide. I hope this helps!

If you’re ready to decorate, though, let’s start with a short list of suggested supplies to consider.

Arts/Craft Supplies List:

If you don’t have everything, just use what you have! Get industrious, my friend! You’ve got this! It’s all about staying true to yourself and having fun!

A box or basket of some kind

Photos, quotes, art prints, magazine clippings, stickers, etc.


matte gel medium (or mod podge or glue)

Paint brush (if needed for the glue you’re using)

washi tape

tissue paper

Kraft brown paper (use up those paper shopping bags!)

Ink pads



White gel pen

Black gel pen

Okay, now on to the self-care box art video! Let’s create together!

Carrot cake caramels chocolate tiramisu donut chocolate cake. Marzipan gummi bears caramels.

Sugar plum soufflé candy canes cheesecake pudding jelly.