Ritual Bath Basics

June 18, 2021

At-home spa baths seem to be a major trend in the self-care community these days, especially for women identifying folks. Flower petals floating atop the water, fresh herbs scattered about, flickering candles and essential oils create a divine combination for a mindful and peaceful bathing experience. People pour salts and milks into the water; post photos of shimmering bath bomb swirled tubs (I’m people). Some of us spend quite a bit of time and money creating the perfect bath combinations. We look forward to the mental and physical health benefits of a good soak. Some of us want to stretch the magick even further. In this post, I’d love to share some ritual bath basics with you, so you can get the most out of your bath time.

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setting your magickal intentions

Whether you’re wanting to partake in a ritual bath experience to celebrate a holiday, manifest peace and calm, rest and relaxation, gratitude and abundance or whatever else you’d like, cultivating clarity and setting intentions is important (even if your ritual bath is literally to help you find clarity). I like to reflect on what exactly I am hoping to achieve with each ritual bath, so that I know why I am doing this magickal work. Therefore, I am able to more efficiently focus my energy. I like to think about what it would feel like to have my wish, and truly allow it. First and foremost, we must grant ourselves permission to have what we want.

preparing your sacred bathing space

I highly recommend giving the bathroom, or at least the tub, a thorough cleaning. I like to do this once a week, but usually I do it best during the changing of the seasons. Whatever your home cleaning schedule, just be sure that your bathing space feels inviting to you. A few other things that may help are to clear any visual clutter from the bathroom, opt for soft lighting (candles, salt lamps, twinkle lights), and you may also wish to purchase a bluetooth shower speaker (for listening to music, podcasts, audiobooks). I enjoy hanging eucalyptus from the showerhead since we don’t have any houseplants in our bathroom. These are a few things I like to do in my bathroom to amp up the cozy vibes. How could you improve your bathing space?

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preparing yourself for the bath

Some people choose to shower before entering the ritual bath. I prefer doing this to both physically and energetically cleanse my body. For me, the shower is not exactly separate from the bath itself, but rather another aspect of the entire ritual bath process. I see this step as a sort of transition from the preparation process into the actual bath, although not necessarily any less important than the main event. My main magickal workings in this stage are typically focused on purification, cleansing and practicing appreciation for the nature of flow. It is a time to reflect and contemplate as well as to banish and let go of what is no longer needed. This is where I work on opening up space to welcome in the new.

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magickal bath blend ideas

If you’re feeling called to create your own spiritual bath ritual, perhaps you’d be interested in some ritual bath recipes to help you get started. Here are a few of my favorites:

a soothing minty salt bath for sore muscles

a lavender milk bath for rest and relaxation

a chamomile floral oat bath for soft skin

an energizing and rejuvenating spicy cinnamon citrus bath

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something holding you back from creating your own blend?

I’ve got you! It is completely okay to use whatever you have access to. I really love using bath and beauty products from local small businesses. This is super useful if I have a lot of holiday activities planned or want to take a ritual bath during the workweek. It saves a ton of time and you can still infuse anything with your intention and energy. Just choose products that you love and that feel good and right for you. Make your own magick however you can! I’ll list some of my personal favorite (larger and more accessible) places to purchase ritual bath supplies in the references and resources section below if you’re interested (LUSH bath bombs are the best ever).

Thank you so much for being here. I wish you many magickal moments ahead.

With warmth and compassion,


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references and resources

LUSH Handmade Cosmetics

Mountain Rose Herbs

Herbivore Botanicals


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