Cinnamon Citrus Bath Blend

June 19, 2021

This spicy, fresh cinnamon citrus bath blend helps to refresh the body, mind and spirit. I’d recommend soaking in a warm bath for about 15-20 minutes with this magickal blend. This is a wonderful blend for an afternoon bath.

I really enjoy making this bath in the wintertime months, especially around the Winter Solstice. If you’d like to learn about creating your own ritual bath experience or exploring more DIY bath blend recipes, please take a look at this blog post here.

Photo by Dora Cavallo on Unsplash

what you’ll need for this Bath Blend:

2 cups Epsom salts

10-15 drops of sandalwood essential oil

2-3 citrus fruits, sliced (I like to combine lemons, oranges and grapefruits; however, any one citrus fruit is also workable).

3 cinnamon sticks

If you’d like to add fresh herbs, oregano and/or rosemary make this bath blend even better.

cinnamon citrus bath how to:

Another simple blend. Just put everything directly into the bath water!

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