25 Calm Down Bottle Ideas

June 2, 2021

25 Therapeutic Uses and Creative Ideas for Calm-Down Bottles and Glitter Jars

Many people have asked me what a calm down bottle and a glitter jar are used for aside from looking really rad.

In an attempt to be helpful, we have gathered a list of 25 different ways to use them!

Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration here and start experimenting with these handy tools.

glitter jars

25 ways to use a glitter jar or calm down bottle:

  1. To help toddlers (or people of any age) calm down when feeling angry, anxious or contacting other big emotions.
  2. Help toddlers monitor their own time out and self-soothe simultaneously.
  3. To aid in meditation practice. Sit comfortably, gaze into the falling glitter and focus on deep breathing. As the glitter settles and the water clears, so too will your thoughts, feelings and body.
  4. Provide a cool down period to help an overwhelmed person regain control and prepare for talking.
  5. Shake the jar fast for a physical energy release from your body.
  6. A readily available tool for re-orienting to the present moment.
  7. To provide a sensory experience with touch, sight and sound.
  8. As a fun and quiet timer.
  9. When not in active use, these make pretty décor! You can also create seasonal, holiday and special event glitter jars!
  10. A quick, easy and inexpensive family friendly DIY project.
  11. A personalized, handmade gift for someone you care for.
  12. Make one with your child every year – it can double as a time capsule for their favorite (water-safe) items!
  13. Watch the calm down jar settle while you listen to a story, a meditation or practice deep breathing.
  14. Use them as interactive visual aids for teaching colors.
  15. Make a different color jar for different emotions. It can be therapeutic to express what an emotion feels like using colors, shapes and water-safe objects. One of my patients once made a super thick, mostly black sludgy mixture and brought it to a session. She did this to show me what shame felt like to her. A very powerful moment.
  16. Glue a crystal or other object at the bottom of the calm down jar to focus on as the stormy water clears again.
  17. Double up on the use of your calm down jar. Add other objects in the bottle to use as an “I-Spy” game.
  18. Collect stones, seashells and other items from nature in order to make a nature-inspired calm down jar that also works as a nature hike memorabilia piece.
  19. Add water beads for an interesting sensory option.
  20. Add glow-in-the-dark items for bedtime soothing.
  21. Choose an affirmation or alternative belief that you want to focus on while watching the jar settle.
  22. Create a red-filled calm down jar with a green lid. Add a stem and leaf to the top. It makes a perfect tiny apple-inspired gift for your favorite teacher.
  23. If you’re a magickal practitioner, you could make a glitter jar that doubles as a spell jar.
  24. Glitter jars are wonderful to have in waiting rooms of all kinds, classrooms, therapy offices, calm down corners, etc.
  25. Create a calm down jar inspired by a fairy forest.

Would you like to create your own DIY Glitter Jar?

Yay! I’ve got you! Please wander on over to this post here to learn how!

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