Welcome to The Art of Self-Care!

If you’re seeking a supportive community of magickally creative women with an interest in the psychology behind it all, you’ve found us! I, Amber, am so glad you’re here and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay, find something useful and perhaps even connect with us before you head out. 

However, sitting in the therapist chair does have its limitations and a certain scope of practice. Still, the longer I am in practice and the more experience I gain each year, the fire burning inside me grows and rages on; the passion for a genuine integration between the mind, body and spirit. I desire it. My patients desire it. It looks very different for everyone, but the majority of people I have worked with have expressed this desire in one way or another. That is why The Art of Self-Care was born! I desperately wanted an outlet to be able to explore these topics and interests in a way that doesn’t compromise the integrity of psychotherapy as we currently know it. We can only bend the medical model so far before therapy shifts from treatment toward, you know, paying to have a nice chat - or something like that.

I am a licensed behavioral health therapist by profession and I absolutely love the work that I do.

With that said, though, I absolutely enjoy playing with the psychological aspect of spiritual beliefs as well as exploring the connections between mind, body and spirit – especially those that haven’t quite been nailed down by science. I find it fascinating and it gives me life. Of course, I have my own personal healing and empowerment journey, which also influences why I am so passionate about integrative and holistic healing. I’ll share more as we get to know one another! My hope is that, through The Art of Self-Care, you can also harness the power of psychology, the mysteries of magick and the joy of creativity in order to create a life you truly want every single day!

At The Art of Self-Care, Amber will provide accessible and easy to digest content relating to mental health and self-care with a touch of magick and art along the way. In addition to her expertise as a behavioral health therapist, Amber created The Art of Self-Care to serve as an outlet for combining her love of creativity and witchcraft in a way that isn’t always possible to do in the therapy room. Amber is passionate about integrating modern medicine with spirituality and integrative therapies – and she is here to help you find more tools and resources to create your own healing, flourishing path!

What to Expect from The Art of Self-Care

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